02 April, 2009

So What Has Been Going On!

I'm sorry I haven't done a post for a while and the usual excuse is I have been busy. I can't believe it is already April and I can't stop my thoughts from jumping ahead of me to things like enjoying winter fires, preparing the veggie garden for spring, the long hot summer nights and preparing for Christmas. No wonder the year goes that quick, we are always thinking ahead and not enjoying the present. I'll just take a deep breath for a minute..... phew!
Our building alterations are still going on and would you believe it we still haven't put in the new toilet (to the horrors of my daughter) and the fire place has not been installed. I just hope winter starts off mild till we get the house prepared for winter because last winter we had snow :)

My veggie patch is slowly getting taken over with weeds as the plants squeeze out their last goodies and collapse with exhaustion. I need to get in there and pick the last of the tomatoes for my relish and then I think that it is it for tomatoes, boy am I over them.

The business has picked up and we have a lot of orders to get out to customers and I might post photos of some of them because there are some really nice pieces of furniture going out.
Our Church has finally agreed on the plans for our new Church and the DA (Development Application) will be lodged with Council in the next two weeks. We are all very excited about the prospects of having a new building as at the moment we meet in a shed. Dave will be overseeing the build as project manager which again is exciting.
I have been asked to be Editor for the Church Bulletin, which is so daunting because I have never done anything like this before so here is to jumping in the deep end:)
I haven't had time to read my favourite blogs and now I have new ones to read, you see I only have the use of the Internet at my business and not at home so my blogging time is 9-5pm so if I have a busy day then blogging gets left out :(

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Grammy said...

Hi Sue, It is hard to believe you get to put away your garden and I get to start mine. I am so glad your business is picking up. I lived most of my live in the future. It was not easy to learn to live in the present. But when you can learn to enjoy and be thankful for every part of your day as I have this year. Life is so much better. Contentment is something I had to learn too. Where hubby has always had that skill.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"