02 March, 2009

Update on Veggie Patch & Road Works

The round about is now finished and the road is opened and the traffic has been flowing once again. Unfortunately the footpath on my side is a bit more difficult than the other three sides and will take a little longer. They have pulled up one side and are paving and concreting it as we speak and once that is completed they will pull up the other side.

On Sunday I eventually spent a bit of time in my veggie patch and harvested the potatoes. I wasn't sure if you waited till the potato plant started to die before you pulled it up because mine were still lush and green. Anyway we pulled them up and were pleasantly surprised.
We had some for dinner last night with butter and herbs, delicious.

I pulled up the remaining corn as well, I still have another crop of corn which we be at least another two weeks. I blanched and froze three bags full of them. I am so please with my Roma tomatoes, I must have got at least 25kg and the plants still have heaps on them.

The golden nugget pumpkin is good value as well because each plant had at least five nuggets on them. I harvested five plants yesterday and I have at least another eight still growing. I also have a Queensland Blue growing wildly in the patch. My beans made it through the heat and have started producing again. Overall I am really happy with this seasons patch, my patch has gotten better and better each year and I feel next season will need a bit more effort to make it better than this one. I also think I will not by store seedlings and only use organic and heirloom seeds. I think I'm sort of ready to step out of the square and start to be more adventurist


Wendy said...

Gardening is so much fun! And it can be an adventure too. It's nice to see your harvest. Makes my mouth water.

white_lilly said...

Thank you Wendy it is fun when your adventure is edible :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! What a huge colorful rich bounty! Good for you. What a talented gardener you've become over the years.

Gosh. That road project seems like it's taking so long. I know you can't wait until they are completely finished.

Hang in there.
Mmmmm....Just thinking about your yummy potatoes with butter and herbs. Yummo!


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"