12 March, 2009

Help a Stranger

I had an older gentleman in my shop this morning asking if I had any work, he had a backpack on his back and he was walking the area looking for any sort of work. He said he was on the pension and finding it a bit hard,to make ends meet and that he only wanted a few hours a week so that it wouldn't affect his pension. I told him that I had nothing at the moment for him to do and I told him of other places that had or might be wanting someone for work. We chatted for a while and I told him to call in again if was passing.

After he left and I spoke to Dave and I could see that there were ways I could have helped him more. I could have just given him some money or I could have let him polish the furniture or tidied up out the back, it might have been a one off but it might have helped him. Then I suppose I could have offered to bring in for him a box of fresh produce that is growing abundantly in my veggie patch or even some of my beef that is in the freezer, after all how long is it going to take us to eat 200kgs of beef.
Times are going to be tough for people this year and I think we should be prepared for someone who might pop in asking for help. It could be someone you know or a strange on the street. I know it has now made me more aware and hopefully I will be more giving next time.


Out Back said...

Lovely post Sue,

You are right we need to watch out for each other especially as times are getting harder for some people.

It must have taken a lot of courage for this man to ask for help. God bless him.

Funny how we manage to think of things we could have done afterward and not at the time when put on the spot. At least you have a plan if this gentleman comes back.

Have a great day,

farm mom said...

I agree Sue. I think we are all going to have to be willing to share with our fellow man in the times ahead. You have some great ideas there too, I think you will be more ready the next time someone comes in. :)

Wendy said...

It's always afterwards that ideas and thoughts spring to mind. I am happy you are sharing this experience with us. We can prepare too, just as I know you are now.

miz_jes said...

i think about this everytime i walk to tafe seeing all the homwless people sitting with there signs asking for money or food, i think about getting a bag of apples or something and just give them something to eat.

you mum


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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"