17 March, 2009

A new door!

Before demolition

New door opening

check out the toilet on the left LOL

Our renovations are still moving along, little by little. Winter is coming and we need to get the things we started finished so we can keep the warmth in and the cold out. On the weekend Dave and a neighbour pulled down one side of the chimney and one fireplace. It was originally the place where they had their combustion stove and then later made it into an opening for their new electrical stove. Well we have moved the stove over the other side of the room where we made a new kitchen and now we have pulled this out and made a new door way leading out to the bathroom and laundry and to the back door. The other fire place is still there and we are restoring it and making a surround for it with a mantle.

The toilet will be moved to the bathroom because it originally was in a separate room and Dave will build bottom and over head cupboards and a bench in the laundry. We have a busy few days getting this work finished because my cousin Stephen and Jess are coming up over the weekend for a few days and I'm sure they will not like the bathroom conditions as they are at present LOL


miz_jes said...

looking good mum =)
im not liking the toilet in full view tho.. you and dad will be watching tv and turn your head and see me sitting on the toliet lol is there a temporary door there?

cant wait to see you this weekend


white_lilly said...

Hey Jess! don't worry it will be finished when you come up even if we have to work till midnight :)

Wendy said...

Boy, you sure have a lot of work to do! I hope you get the bathroom stuff finished for the weekend. When you said "winter is coming" I jumped a bit. Then remembered you are in australia.
Whew! We are just going into spring and I can't wait for the warm weather.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That doorway really open up that corner, doesn't it? Looks like it was quite a big job, too.

Well done!!

I bet you've been busy finishing up your harvesting and canning of veggies and fruits, etc, too.


Grammy said...

Thanks for stopping by while I was gone. Missed ya! Love all the work you are getting done on your home too. My daughter is on a farm so the new pup will get plenty of running room. And cattle is is the lower field so they can train her.

white_lilly said...

Hi Wendy! its great getting ready for winter here but it also great seeing you guys getting excited with spring coming :)

Hi Lisa! we are pleased with the change because it does open up the place gives us more living room area, plus the house is fairly old so it will give it a fresher look.

You will have to show us some of your harvest:)

Hi Ernie! Glad you had a great trip. The pup is soooo cute


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"