09 March, 2009

The Cool room

The cool room walls
The motor
These pieces stacked up here is our cool room it is about 2mx2.2m. I did some work for a friend at a health resort last year and my payment which I was excited about was this cool room. It needs to be scrubbed and cleaned up but I think it will be great and we are even thinking of installing it in the white container it is leaning up against. The cool room will come in handy when we process our own meat and at harvest time. I will keep an update progress of it has we clean and install it. We also have to get the motor checked out as it hasn't been used for a long time.


Wendy said...

My goodnes, you do have a lot going on right now in the way of renovations! You are really brave to be attempting some of the things you do. Good luck, especially with the motor. I think I'd be afraid of it. LOL!

white_lilly said...

Hi Wendy! Yeah it does look like a bit of a monster it might run like one or NOT. LOL We will get it checked out anyway :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very clever of you to barter like that. What a useful project :)


white_lilly said...

Thanks Lisa! It worked out well for the both of us and thankfuly now after a bit of scrubbing we will have a handy cool room. We already have neighbours wanting to use it when we have it set up and we might even be able to make it mobile because we have an old steel tray :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"