18 June, 2008

Abbey! Abbey!

This morning I was rushing around doing my morning chores before work, I checked and fed the chickens gave them some stale bread treats from the local bakery, fed the horse and the lambs in the house paddock, usually when I do this I let my little dogs out and they run and play. Well this morning they pulled and tugged at the chicken pen door and opened it after I went back into the house and when I came back out Abbey had killed one of the baby chickens, wretched dog. The rooster was out also roaming around but thank goodness the other little chick was been protected by the other three hens.
Abbey is a lovely Maltese cross jack Russell dog but she has the instinct to run and chase things.
She loves to have her belly rubbed, especially when you are sitting on the lounge and you move your foot, she has to just mozzie on over there and play with your foot until you start rubbing her belly . She is always the last one to get out of bed and would stay in bed all day snuggled up if you let her but then she just loves to play fetch with a tennis ball and when it rains and she comes inside she will come to me straight away to get her feet and body rubbed dry with an old towel. I have made the door on the chicken pen more secure now and I suppose I'll rub Abbey's belly for her tonight!

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Twinville said...

Abby is cute....and naughty. You sound very forgiving. How old is Abby.

I thought you Ozzies called chickens "Chooks"?

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"