02 June, 2013

More lovely rain!

Another day of rain and cold winds but we all achieved something during the day, I fed and check all the livestock and pulled down the wire on the old chicken pen so the little goats had another place to shelter in out of the rain. My son in-law to be went and did some fencing for me, I have sheep that have been getting out and into my neighbours property as well as feral pigs coming through so that fence needed fixing. The feral pigs have been making a mess in my paddocks and they have been getting closer and closer to the house. I've chatted with my neighbour a few times about the pigs as they have been on his property as well, he said he we will put out a large trap with some sweet corn and try and catch some.

My daughter was in a cooking mood and made bread and cooked  corned beef for dinner. My hubby spent most of the day in bed as he has been sick but spent a few hours sanding back gyprock in the new lounge room him and son in-law have been building.

For mothers day my hubby and family gave me some great books, today I was reading "The good life" by Sarah O'Neil if you haven't heard of it, google it, it is a great read. I've taken in some great ideas and inspiration one being a herb tea garden I don't know about you but I could taste those fragrant teas in my mouth already. I'll have to take photos of my raised beds tomorrow for my blog but I think I'll make one of those beds just for the tea pot.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"