27 June, 2010

Renovation Update!

This weeks temperatures have dropped down to the low minuses and everything is freezing up. You know it is going to be cold when you are lying in bed in the early hours and you have to put the blankets over your head because your face is going numb, well that was what this morning was like and then the pipes where frozen and the poor dogs couldn't have a drink because their water was frozen.
I had a bit of a problem opening my car door at 8.30am this morning because it was FROZEN
On a warmer note I was blessed with one of my new kitchen bench tops, I chose a shiny cream marble looking top with a square edge.

Hubby is cutting out the top for my new kitchen sink, this bench is 1500 (5ft) long and we have to cut half of it out for the sink, but waste not, want not hubby is going to make me some chopping boards with the off cuts :)

Hubby hates doing the plumbing he is more of a wood man but after a few trial and errors we have no leaks :)

Isn't she nice and shiny, that's our friend Tony screwing the clips in to hold the sink down.

OH! my, doesn't that tap finish the sink off nicely

It even comes with a chopping board and a removable vegetable/scrap drainer.....very nice :)

And look my first set of washed dishes. I know its only a bench top and new sink but I have been waiting patiently for a long time now and if you keep reading there is more!

This is the opened gap in my lounge room ceiling at the moment and the cold breeze comes shooting down there on windy nights. BUT tomorrow the lovely guys that have been working on our new church helping my hubby are all coming out to rip that old ceiling down, replacing the beams (one beam in my ceiling is a tree branch can you believe that) and put up a new gyprock ceiling YAY YAY YAY! Mind you I have to cook up a feast for all these hard working guys but I think it is going to be worth it :)

Its a fairly long room and the whole ceiling is coming down, just think of the mess and dust. Once the ceiling has been replaced then we can do the cornices, skirting, window frames and then start to paint and then I can start decorating.

These are cheval mirrors I sell at my shop that are really nice and are often hard to find in shops, I sell them for $120 and they come in two colours baltic and walnut. I'm not sure why I have put them on this post but I have other things listed below in my shop that I sell and I could easily post these out to people if they were interested. We mainly sell large items we make but I have been getting in these french provincial items to give the shop another look.

These trays are really cute and are a nice size

This little rooster clock is only about 13cm high

This clock has strawberries and butterflies and is 15cm x 15cm

I also have a few plaques hanging around, this one would suit me :)

This is a Buffet & Hutch we make, I love the little drawers. We have made so many different combinations of these cupboards and they all look fantastic.

This is a little picture frame that opens out, I think it was so cute, it is about 20cm x 20cm and I sell it for $25, so cute.

You can display five photos is this little cutey!

Well that's about it for now, I should have photos of the next few days of our big revamp of our lounge room ceiling.


Tracy said...

Your renovations really look to be progressing quickly now. I think the things you have in your shop are just lovely. Do you have a website for the shop?

white_lilly said...

Hi Tracy,I'm just glad my renovations are progressing. I don't have a website for the shop, I thought it would be a big commitment and I would not have enough time in the day to maintain it. As I was writing this post I thought of the ladies that have etsy shops on their blogs and thought this could be the way to go. I have not looked into it as yet but it would be nice to sell some of these lovely items online.

Darryl Iorio said...

You have to give your husband credit for doing the plumbing work. Even if he's not an expert in fixing a sink, he still tried his best. Sometimes, you just really have to do some trial and error. It's fine because you'll have a satisfying feeling once you succeed. :) Anyhow, your sink is great. There's a drainer and chopping board attached to it; these are the things that I find to be very useful in the kitchen.

Darryl Iorio

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"