01 July, 2010

BIG! Progress and it was so cold!

After a freezing ( -6) morning start the big build started, the rest of the furniture was removed from the room and the demolishing tools were brought in. The guys did a great job, it is true many hands make work light but very dirty. When that ceiling came down so did the dust.
We pulled the all the beams down because the ceiling sagged and hubby new it would be quicker and easier just to replace it and he said cyprus pine that old would be no good to reuse because it would split and be brittle.

When the beams came down I looked at the exposed roof and it look like a beautiful cathedral ceiling well not quiet but it did look really good. Hubby said we couldn't have a cathedral ceiling because it would take too long, the room was too long and it would look too silly and besides he already planned to put the ceiling up in a day.

The guys were really great they worked well as a team, Gary pulled down the beams and David, Tony and hubby carried out the rubbish.

We cut the wiring in this room but we had another friend Peter come later to reconnect new lights and power points. We will be having down lights eventually in this room and I think I will have lamps.
The day was really cold and I was just moving around to keep warm plus I was in the kitchen cooking up a roast lamb dinner for these hard working guys.

My skylight was taken of carefully and put back. This part of the house used to be small and dark but now it has been opened up and has so much light.

Look at all that wiring what a night mare but the ceiling is all down and the room is cleaned out ready for the ceiling frames the guys made to be put back up. It was a different way of doing things but it worked and it was quicker and the ceiling will be much stronger.

They made about ten of these frames and nailed them to a main support beam (the red one)

The guys enjoyed there roast lamb (one of own bred on our property) and I had also made a few yummy cakes and biscuits for them to munch on through out the day.

The frames are just about all up and soon they were to start on gyprocking the ceiling. The day went fairly quick and most of the gyprock was put up and the guys left late in the afternoon and were planning to come tomorrow to complete the last little bit.

The next morning was down to minus (-) 8 and it was freezing. My bedroom door was iced up and was hard to open, all the pipes and taps were frozen, I think this must be the coldest day we have had here.
Everything was blanketed in frost and I did hear on the news that it was the coldest day in June for 60 years. We heard in town that peoples water meters were bursting and their pipes were frozen solid.
Hubby bought is gas heater he has in his shed inside to take the icy chill out of the air.

One last section of gyprock to go up and the job will be done. I made the guys homemade lasagna with fresh salad and garlic bread and they loved it, it was a feast. They finished early afternoon and they had to take off and get back into town because the freight courier was delivering the stoves and fridges and coffee machine hubby and I purchased for the new church.

The house is now so much warmer and is getting near completion and it won't belong and my daughter and grand-daughter can come up and stay.

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Arthur Bryant said...

You will really be more excited to see this home project complete when you know that you have loved ones who really want to come and visit you. Let me guess, you asked your daughter and your granddaughter to stay there right after you finished with the project, right? Haha! From how you told your story, I can feel that you worked with great people, so I hope that everything went well.

Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"