11 May, 2009

My Make Over and look what I found!!

This is the first time I have had to sit down and work on my blog and I have so much to put on here and to discuss. I had four days away sort of business and pleasure but they were jammed packed. I can't put them on here yet but I want to tell you guys this, I had my hair cut and coloured with the hairdressers who do the girls for Australia's next Top Model. My girls gave me this special promotion voucher for Christmas and it has taken me this long to get there, my eldest daughter also had her hair done. I had foils in my hair, a head massage and hair treatment and a cut and blow dry.
Oh My! Now that is frightening. Here I am having my foils. I think I put going to the hairdressers in the same category as going to the dentist :)

My lovely daughter :)

Kylie look gorgeous I'm a little bit wind blown.

The other day while I was working at my desk I heard this screeching sound sort of like a weird cat meow, I looked around and couldn't see anything, turned back around to keep working and heard it again a lot closer , I turned around again and seen this little kitten sitting behind me. It had this deathly meow I picked it up and it was virtually all bone but very fluffy and pretty. I took it out the back and gave it some milk watered down with hot water. To me it looked very sick and frail and definitely wormy so I took it down to the vet to get a verdict if it could be saved or needed to be put down. It was a 50-50 decision so with a $6 worm tablet I took the little one home to a good feed, a hot water bottle and a bed in front of the fire. A couple of days latter it is much healthier and happier plus my daughter said she would like to keep it. She has a puppy called Freddy, I will be doing a post called Freddy goes to the beach in a few days because o my days off I went to the beach with my daughter and son-in law and of course Freddy, anyway she said she would like to have this kitten we now call Ruby.

Here eyes were glazed and not focused. She was also very dehydrated and her gums were really pale.

She is a pretty kitten and with the needed TLC she will make a lovely lap cat.
You know the day after the cat wandered into my shop I had another unepected caller which horrified me....it was a baby
I was closing up my shop and this little one, Ithink she would have been about 18months old dressed in a nappy and eating a biscuit, she came upto me and I looked around and did not see anybody around her. I asked her where is mummy and she turned around and ran down the foot path, I followed her of course and she stopped at a house and I knocked on the the door and asked the woman if this was her daughter and she was horrified that it was and that she had gotten out. At first I was angry that someone was not watching over this little one and ready to let them know when I found them but when I seen how distressed the mother was I let it slide. Children are so quick and need to be supervised all the time.
Have to go now but I will be back with lots of photos of Freddy's day at the beach and my adventure in the city with my girls and I will be doing a video of our shop because when I was away Dave rearranged the shop and added a few more pieces of furniture and it looks great :)


Out Back said...

Your new make over looks really good. I bet you feel refreshed and new.

I am off to the hairdressers next Monday, I hate sitting there for hours, the end result is good though.

What a cute kitty, lucky he found you, before it was too late. He will probably turn out to be the best lovable cat.


Marilyn said...

You just look so lovely with your hair styled.... doesn't a makeover make you feel good... I think I will do that after my op. Marilyn xoxo

Wendy said...

You look lovely! And your daughter too. Glad you found the time to have a make-over. Sometimes it does take a while to use a gift certificate, but well worth the wait!

Sweet little kitty. He/she? will have a good home.

The same thing happened to my son and his wife when they were living in a ground-floor apartment. Their little one (about 2 I think), climbed over the railing and was going to cross the street when a neighbour picked him up and brought him home. She was angry at my son and his wife, but really, they'd just let the little one out of their sight for a few moments. Didn't think he could climb yet!

Anonymous said...

Your new hair style looks lovely. Ruby is very cute too, hope she keeps getting stronger.

white_lilly said...

Thanks Tania, I do feel better mind you I have been putting off getting a hair cut until I had the time to use this voucher so my hair was getting a bit long.

Most of my pets have been others rejects and they have the best personalities and get along with each other, and I think this little kitt will be the same.

Thank you Marilyn, I think you should treat yourself after your op it does wonders for your self- asteem

Hi Wendy! thank you also, I feel good and it was worth the wait

I think it is a mothers worst nightmare realising their child has disappeared or gotten out without them knowing your heart just leaps out of your chest even just hearing about such an incident.

Hi Tracy! yes Ruby is so cute and she is becoming more active and curious all the time I think she will make a lovable cat for my daughter


Grammy said...

You look great! The kitty is so sweet looking.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I seriously in LOVE with your new hairdo. I mean it! I haven't gotten a hair cut or style in over 3 yrs now...and you are inspiring me. Your hairstyle is so attractive on you...cute but also elegant, too.
I'm glad for you that you were able to be pampered a little bit and got a new look, too. I bet you feel like a new and even more beautiful woman. :)

Very cute kitty. It's good that you were able to save it...and help the baby human,too! wow! Too much excitement in your life right now, eh?


white_lilly said...

Hi Ernie! Yeah the kitty is so sweet and she just loves cuddles in the morning :)

Hi Lisa! I do feel much better, I think you need a little TLC like a trip to the hair salon for a head massage (so good) and a new hair do.
I think I get more than my shareof excitement in my life:)


Belovedgoddess said...

Love the new look. Poor kitty, he's found a great home with you.

Glad you were able to find where the toddler lived.

My BIL was able to scale a 6 foot fence at that age, MIL left him sitting on the potty in the backyard and a few minutes later found the pot on the other side the fence with him gone. His father was driving home from work and just happened to come across him walking down the medium strip of a busy road a block away. He was a real escape artist, nothing they did could stop him. One time she found a soaking wet stranger carrying him up the road, he had just pulled him out of a flooded quarry - older boys had taken him there and he fell in, they had taken off. The man just happened along and saved him, he was about 4 at the time, he is now almost 60 and still remembers it.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"