19 May, 2009

Great Expectations!

During Autumn on my way home I would pass this tree, its green leaves would slowly turn a spectacular golden shade and eventually all the leaves would turned that deep rich golden red colour and it would stand out as a flaming bush amongst brown dry landscape. Well after admiring it now for two Autumns I decided to get one my self, the thought of having a spectacular burning red tree in the middle of my paddocks was awesome. I came across one in my travels and as you can see below it has a long way to go to meet this expectation

The botanical name for it is a Koelreuteria paniculata (have ago at saying that) or the name I like to call it is a Golden Rain Tree, pretty hey. In Spring it has a magnificent display of tiny yellow flowers which fall like rain and carpet the ground, flowers are followed by papery bronze-pink seed pods in Autumn. Awesome don't you think! So that is my Great Expectations.

Now onto the renovations, which are still going on with stops and starts. We moved the front door and hung it here in the new opening and we have a nice lead light door for the front entry. We have finally put the new toilet in and pulled out an old cupboard and the walls of the old toilet and have been putting up gyprock on the walls. I will have photos of this next week

My veggie patch is looking pretty baron with only lettuce, celery and spinach growing at the moment. I have mats down to surpress the weeds as my gardening time is practically zero and it hasn't really had a good down pour of rained here since December last year.

I'm hoping to get my raised beds in this winter ready for spring. The green house is not happening either, we have been too busy with the business,trying to keep things moving and not let the Recession affect us.

Little Ruby the kitten that wandered off the streets into my shop is doing really well now, she has put on heaps of weight and is racing around the house playing with the little dogs, I tell you it is a circus here sometimes.


Marilyn said...

We are getting lots of lovely rain here in Kempsey so I hope you get some of it. I want to have a raised bed too this year but so far is not happening...lol.

Your reno's look good, its slow going always though, isn't it.

I have not posted for a while as have not been well but will post soon. Marilyn xoxo

white_lilly said...

Hi Marilyn! sorry to hear you haven't been well I hope you get losts of bed rest.

I know you have been getting lots of rain up there I hope it starts to move down once you have gotten your share lol


white_lilly said...
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Wendy said...

Love that tree pic. It looks like gold! Lots going on at your house. Fall is on its way.

Grammy said...

You amaze me with all you have done. I love the tree. It will be beautiful soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I enjoyed your update. It's so odd to visit your blog when it's summer here...and autumn over there. hehe!

You had me giggling at your photo of the golden rain tree. Poor little thing. I hope it grows and develops all of it's beautiful assets soon.

Your garden sounds wonderful with all of it's cold weather produce.

Is it just me, or does it seem like this past year has zoomed right by?


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"