23 August, 2008

Where does the time go

About a month ago we had snow you can hardly see it but it did snow, not much but it was definitely snow. Apart from the snow it has been really cold here and one of the problems I haven't been at my blog is that we have had sick ewes and sick lambs. We had a few ewes just drop and didn't have the energy to get up and feed they were just exhausted from lambing and trying to keep warm. We penned the sheep and gave them extra feed and cracked corn to try to give them extra substance. The really sick ewes I gave a big dose of glucose and over a few days we saw an improvement. We did sadly lose some lambs because of the cold and their frailty. I still have one lamb that has pneumonia and have given it a few injections of penicillin, it is still pretty sick but is up and walking around and feeding.

Snow!!!! Dave couldn't wait to tell everyone!

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Twinville said...

Oh no. So sorry about the lambs that have passed on and those that are still sick. Hope the rest survive and get stronger.

Snow? Oh yeh, that's right. You're down-under and it's winter where you are, right?

Ok, I am loving this. I can visit your blog when its hot and summery here, just to cool off a bit, and when I'm freezing my tootie off, I can check into your blog to get warm again. Love it!

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"