16 May, 2008

1st Birthday

It is our 1st birthday in our shop. This weekend we are having a three day sale.
We are situated on a corner opposite McDonalds and I have coloured flags and birthday
bunting out, it looks good everything flapping in the wind. In side I have coloured balloons
and sale signs up. The shop has been very good to us and for the area. We are leasing an
old cottage that has history and our furniture suits it really well, i have had many comments
that our furniture is absolutely beautiful and the smell of timber and stains is pleasing. We
are a family business and we make anything and everything, customers are floored with
our pricing and they get so excited and tell others, which is fantastic there is nothing better
than word of mouth.

I really enjoy the shop, the furniture is beautiful and it is always nice meeting people in your
area and having regulars pop in. I work 6 days a week here and it just leaves me one day to get
stuck in my housework, my veggie patch, my chooks, the garden not to mention rennovating
and anything else. But I wouldn' trade my lifestyle for anything. The country farming life is
for me!

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"