15 May, 2008

Ode To Piggy

Piggy loved a scratch
Soaking up the sun

This was Piggy, we bought him to fatten for the freezer #..! He was about 8-10

weeks when we got him, Jess and I did't want to name him because then we would

get attached so we just called him little piggy. Anyway he was there only a day and he

got out. I coaxed him with some food and grabbed him, boy did he squeal. In the pen he

went only to get out again, he was determined, this time he went under the house and

would not come out, so we left him there. In the morning we checked him and he was gone.

I though we wouldn't see him again, not till 2 weeks later when Jess and I were leaving for

town and there he was near the front door, I got some food and grabbed him and put him

back in the pen. This time he didn't move from his pen for 2 days he was exhausted and he

had this huge gouge in his face, I couldn't do much for him only time will tell. He survived

and he realised that the best place was home, he had all the food he wanted, scraps, weeds, hay,

peaches ( my tree was overflowing) pig nuts and more , he made himself a huge pit which we

filled with water and he would lay there all day and just wollow. It was indeed a haven. We

found out later that when he escaped he went down the road to one of the neighbours who seen

him eating her roses, so they grabbed him and thought they would fatten him up for the freezer.

To there surprise he got out and ran away to another neighbours and ate her roses and veggies

from her patch, she also thought she would pen him and fatten him up for the freezer. But again

he got out and I dont know when but he was attached by something, which explains his torn

face and then ran (wee wee wee all the way) home. We kept him probably longer than we should

have for the freezer but after such a journey in his life it was hard to come to terms that he was

to be for the freezer. Anyway he grew and grew and was becoming a handful so to the freezer

he was doomed. In my freezer I now have 120kgs of pork and fond memories of little piggies

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