03 August, 2011

They Have Arrived !!!!!

I had a great day milking goats and sheep on Saturday as you can see below all the girls were lined up ready to go. I was eager for as much information as I could as I knew I didn't have long till my goats had kidded and I would be up to the arm pits with goats milk.
The Girls all lined up for milking

Well as you can see from the picture below I am now in panic motion as one of my goats kidded on Monday and I think the other one is not too far away. I stayed home on Monday as we had quiet a few farming jobs to get done namely fencing and bringing the sheep in the house paddock as they had started lambing and to my excitement my first kid was born.
Baby born 1/8/11
He didn't take long to jump to his feet and mum was up eating and drinking straight away.
Up on its feet

After all the excitement of the day the reality hit when I started thinking I only have a week or so before I will start my morning ritual of milking the goats then storing the milk in my single fridge and start making cheese. I have written a list and am now running around buying the necessary equipment needed for my adventure as well as a second hand fridge. I will keep you posted as I stop to take a breath.


Michelle said...

Congrats - sounds like you've started an avalanche!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! Feeling some anxiety for you! But you will do just fine. I look forward to future posts about your dairy goat ventures. :)


white_lilly said...

Hi Michelle and Lisa thank you for your encouragement. I'm glad to see everything is all good in your part of the world. I will keep you entertained in mine:)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"