30 August, 2011

It is ready to start

The house has now been demolished and what building material that could be saved will be used in other building projects on the farm such as accommodation for my milking goats and storage sheds as well as an extension on our demountable. We will be making the demountable into guest/tourist accommodation later when the house is finished. My son is coming up in a few days bringing two excavating machines as well as his boss to excavate part of the house site. This house is going to be a lot bigger than the old one and we will be having verandahs right around the house, which I can't wait to sit out on a warm summers night or in the sun on a cold morning.

We have a new dog to our herd, my son unfortunately does not have a large enough back yard for this girl so she is staying with us a for a while. I will have to show you a photo of her, she is as dalmation cross and she is very large. I have to keep the little dogs a way from her, being a pup she is too boisterous when she plays.

We have been busy doing fences, looking after lambs, making furniture for our shop, looking after children and gran children, and getting ready to start to build this house, I will show photos of its stages of build later. I'm also hoping to get my veggie patch booming this year as I am wanting to have enough to feed ourselves as well as our kids and grand kids, the price of food these days especially meat is crazy. I'm waiting for my one of my neighbours to finish shearing his sheep to come and shear mine and pick up a couple of older lambs to kill for our freezer. I know some of you might not like the sound of that but when you can produce and look after your own sheep with care and know that they are not full of chemicals and you can appreciate the quality and taste you know you and your family are getting the best.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"