19 October, 2010

A View from my Room

Its hard to see but it is sleeting!

We had a couple days of wild weather, Friday had rain, wild winds, hail and snow. We awoke in the morning and notice sleet falling, it was getting heavier and heavier it was so beautiful that I opened our sliding door in our bedroom jumped back into bed under the doona and watched it fall. In the photo is sarabie, she has slept at the foot of our bed since she was a pup, well you can see in the photo she was mesmerize with the snow as well.
The wind started to get wilder and wilder then our roofing on our back verandah started lifting, as it is fairly old and next minute it was off, the trees were were getting tossed to and fro, huge branches were being snapped off and one of the trees on our front boundary fence fell but was stopped by another. I didn't go to work that day as hubby said it would be too dangerous for me as we have dirt roads which are lined with trees to travel on. In the evening we had to go into town for a meeting and there were about ten trees down, one was right across the road and we had to turn back and go the other way. Sunday as I was going to church I came across the Fire Brigade, they were cutting up a tree that had fallen onto a ute and as I drove pass I could see where the tree had dented the roof and tray of the ute, I'm not sure as to whether the person was unharmed but it would have been very frightening.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"