06 October, 2010

One week at a time!

I had a crazy week with so much going on and as usual my blog is left to the last minute. I can't believe as my daughter said the other day that it is only 11 weeks to Christmas but I think we say that every year as we run around doing what ever we do. The sad part of last week was the funeral I went to, it was of a young man that live near to us while we lived in the Hawkesbury and that we have known since he was in primary school. He died in a tragic car accident witnessed by his brother, he died the day before his birthday and he was only 23. The funeral was filled with his mates and it was gut renching seeing these young men saddened by the senseless death of a good friend and mate.

This is a picture of one of the areas between the buildings that will have a garden and a place to sit in the sun to read or relax or just reflect on life.
The kitchen has been tiles and fitted out but won't be completed until we can raise more funds.The commercial kitchen will be fantastic when we hold functions within the church and community.

In my week we had our sheep sheared, drenched and the lambs docked and tailed. We have about 30 sheep and about 18 lambs which is great our flock is growing but unfortunately as we inspected the flock we have decided that some have to go for various reason including some for the freezer.

As my hubby as arthritis in his hands and my bad back we get a friend and neighbour into do the shearing etc and we usually help in whatever way we can. Our sheep are fairly good and are trained to come to us with the shake of the feed bucket so it was easy to bring them into the yard the day before but there were a few that needed a neighbours dog to bring down from the top paddock

This our friend Murray who did the shearing, he is in a long line of generations that have worked the land and he has about 4000 sheep.

We don't have a shearing shed but we are working on it so Murray has to rough it in the yards with a piece of timber to stand on and shear.

As Murray shears he throws the fleece onto the table and I skirt the fleece, that is take off the daggy bits around the belly and tail and throw it into one bag then roll up the fleece and put it into another.

After the sheep have been sheared they are drenched and let out of the pen.

Then it is time for the lambs to be docked (males) and tailed and then they are let out of the pen to be with their mums.

Look at my hubby's face, the lambs are a good size plus hubby can't use his hands to grasp tightly onto the lamb.

Murray was having a few problems with his new shears but quickly sorted it out. Most of the sheep were quiet and most behaved during the shearing. I enjoyed the day out in the yard and it was good to get this job done and out of the way.
The other part of my week was when I took my dog Lucky to the vet when she was unwell and off her food and to find out that she had a serious infection in her uterus and had to be operated on. I don't know what shocked me more the fact that she was very ill or the bill of $900 but put all that aside she had her operation and has recovered very well but not the back account.
Well that was my week, I hope you had a better week. I'm off now to prepare myself for next week :)


Michelle said...

Can't say my week was less eventful, considering that my 48-year-old husband had a heart attack on Sept. 27 which up-ended everything! He's "fine" now and back at work, and I'm cooking a bit different and he's eating a LOT different, and life goes on....

white_lilly said...

Oh Michelle I'm sorry to hear that, I'm glad he is now fine and back at work. Life must look a whole lot different to you both now. Look after each other as you adjust your new way of life.


Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

I'm sorry to hear that you too have been affected by a tragic death, I also attended a friend's funeral this week.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"