13 November, 2009

Update Baby News!

I'm trying to come down from cloud 9 with the birth of our beautiful grandbaby girl now officially named Georgia Grace, but it is so hard. On Sunday I'm off to see my eldest daughter in Sydney, she is having their first baby and because she has three appointments on Monday I will be driving her around so we will be having a baby full day not to mention looking at all things baby in the department stores and discussing setting up babies room. Do you think I have a baby fever coming on? Poor hubby won't know what hit him when I come back home.

Apart from the baby news everything else is just chaotic, we are frantically trying to get orders out from the shop, the quotes and plans for the new church building have just about been finalised and we will be having a church member meeting on the 23rd Nov to vote for the go ahead, the house renovations are at a stand still, the veggie patch is moving along so slowly because I don't have the time to get out there to plant and attend it, we still have our friend Tony helping us in the workshop, the dogs are still having their fights but overall life has been good and oh my gosh I haven't even plan Christmas!


Out Back said...

Babies are so sweet, even better when they are your grandchildren.

I only have one grandy and I was there when he came into the world. Fantastic!

Enjoy your time with them as they grow so fast...


fuoriborgo.com said...

That's a good kind of fever:)! Enjoy!

white_lilly said...

Hi Tania! how exciting to be there for your grandchilds birth, what a blessing.

My fever is not subsiding fuoriborgo, I think if anything it is heating up, I think I will let it take its course :)


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"