22 October, 2009

You should see the other car!

My daughter hasn't had her 'P' plates for very long and last friday she went down to Sydney for a few days for some work related interviews and on the way back she had a car run in the back of her at a set of traffic lights. She was ok just a little shaken and not sure what she had to do. The lady in the other car was pregnant but was ok , just very upset about it all. My daughter kept her cool, she checked to see if the lady was ok and was able to get her details and give hers in return. When all was done she went and had a cool drink to calm her nerves because she had another 31/2 hours drive ahead of her. Thank goodness the lady in the other vehicle was not going that fast but she did manage to break the tow bar on the back of our car and bend our back tail gate. The ladies car has a lot of damage to her bonnet and front guard and maybe more, I have booked my ute into the repair shop for three days to be repaired thank goodness our insurance company gives us a rental car for that time. I tell you what it is nerve racking when your kids start to drive and especially when they want to take long trips from the country to the big smoke.


Michelle said...

So thankful it wasn't worse!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Scary! My kids aren't driving yet, but I imagine that when they do, they'll taking part of my heart with them. I'll be a nervoud wreck.

So what is the 'big smoke?


white_lilly said...

Thank you Michelle, I am so grateful that it wasn't :)

Hi Lisa, I think when you have kids you are never the same again. I think grey hairs are connected to having kids if you know what I mean :)

white_lilly said...

Oh! the big smoke is what we call the main city, somethng like New York I suppose.


Grammy said...

I am so glad they are both ok.

Grammy said...

I just looked at you count down. Wow. 18 day how wonderful. Big hug.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"