09 February, 2009


There is no other word than devastation as our country is coming to terms with the loss of 108 people in Australias worst fires in history. There have been over 750 homes destroyed, whole towns destroyed and there are still fires burning in Victoria and NSW and the threat is still there. We ask for your thoughts and prayers be with the Australian people that are living this nightmare and for the task ahead of them to rebuild there shattered lives.

Some of the stories that are coming through the news are horrific and just thinking what these people went through makes you feel sick and your heart ache. I can't write about these as they are horrific but there are some stories of survival like a mother her son and dog as well another neighbour huddled in a wombat hole and put a canopy of wet sheets and curtains over themselves and hid in the burrow for protection until the fire past, this had saved their lives. Another story of fire fighters putting woman and children in the safety of the fire house and putting themselves between the fire and the building, their incredible courage had saved them all.
We have also been devastateded with floods with two thirds of Queensland flooded and more heavy rains forecasted. Some areas the water has receded but in other areas people might be isolated for another month. Some people are missing and a young boy might have been taken by a crocodile.
In my own town the temperatures have been in the high 30's and the last few days in the mid 40's and we have had no relief of rain this year so the ground is drying and the dams are evaporating. This week has been forcasts as a lot milder and the possibility of rain so please prayer for some relief and for the Australia people.


Out Back said...

Hello White Lilly,

Firstly thank you for the award, sorry I had completely forgotten about it after all what has been happening.

I am completely humbled that you think I deserve such an award. I will collect it soon.

This is a great post, very well written. I wasn't sure what I should put on my blog as it is just so, so sad.

I feel so helpless as all I can offer is prayers and a donation. Some of the stories of despair are just heart breaking.

Take care,


Grammy said...

My prayers are with you and all Australians.I have seen destruction on a sky watch post for David. His home was saved by a helicopter with water. And they got out in time.
Big hug.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no...How horrific! I've been seeing some of the pics and reading about the fear and devastation on David's blog and have been worried about you.

Are the fires affecting you, too? Are you safe?
I'm so glad you checked in, my friend, and I'm so terribly saddened and shocked by the horrible things that are happening to the Australian people affected by the fires, heat, drought and flooding.

I'll keep you all in my prayers.


white_lilly said...

Thank you Tania it is all so sad, Victoria seem to go through a lot of hardship with drought and fire.

Hi Ernie! thank you for your prayers:)

Hi Lisa! thank you for your prayers also these fires are in another state which is at the bottom of Australia so we are not affected by them.


Anonymous said...

How terrifying!! I will jeep Australia and you and yours in my thoughts. xoxox

Wendy said...

How horrible! I will be keeping you and those folks in Australia in my prayers too.
I am glad you are safe.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"