11 May, 2013

A farming life is for me!



Meet Dozer the new addition to our animal family, he is about 10 weeks old now and growing inches every day. Dozer was the only surviving pup in a litter of nine, he is a pure Boarder Collie. He has been by my side everyday even when I have to go to town, I'm hoping he will be a good working dog and help me on the farm.

I've had a career change, I no longer work in retail but at home as a farmer. Since paying off our mortgage life has taken a different direction. I have more time to enjoy life and do the things I have always wanted to do. I enjoy the life style and being self sufficient has always been my dream and hopefully eventually our farm will offer farm stays for those who are like minded. I currently have 36 sheep some in lamb, 11 goats, 3 of them I am currently milking and hopefully 6 of them are in kid, as well as 5 young goats about 8mths old, three Dexter cows that are hopefully in calf and one calf as well as chickens and then the usual 2 cats and 4 dogs.

Life for me is still busy but a different kind of busy, I have my daughter, her partner and two grandchildren living with us in the cottage while we are still building our new house. Milking goats and making cheese and eventually making goats soap is a nice kind of busy for me, these are the things that  I really enjoy and hopefully down the track make money for me so that I can continue to improve the farm.


Michelle said...

What wonderful changes have happened in your life! I'm so happy you get to stay home and be a farmer/wife/mother/grandmother!

Michelle said...
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Blogger said...

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"