04 October, 2011

What is your weekly menu like?

I wasn't going to rave on how busy my life is but I just can't help it!
Just how much can you fit into one day?
If we didn't need sleep the days would roll over each other.
My daughter, partner and grandson will be moving back home with us at the end of October as the granny flat they have been living in since our house burnt down is needed for our friends daughter. So we ( my hubby, and good friends) have been frantically adding two bedrooms, a bathroom, hall and verandah to our little demountable we have been living in since May.

Hubby has also been doing the last few things, such as tiling bathrooms, decking, bathroom fit-out, plumbing etc on the Church which is getting close to completion. As well as making furniture for our customers and finishing off one of our neighbour's extension, he is in need of a holiday. As a requirement for lodgement of our plans to council I as an owner builder have to complete an Owner Builders Course online, so much fun, I have about 60 hours of reading :)

I had a great long weekend, one day it rained but the other two I managed to pant strawberries in hanging baskets on our deck, prepare seven beds for vegetables, plant celery, beetroot, spinach, Chinese vegs, tomatoes, capsicum and carrots. My seedling in my plastic glass house are coming along nicely, I think I have done well considering my veggie patch is surround by a construction site with mounds of dirt and old water tanks. Ok that's enough whinging for today :)

What I wanted to mention today was what I heard on the radio the other day, a lot of people these day only have 3-5 recipes or meals they used in their weekly menu. Imagine eating the same few  things every few days. I suppose there is a number of reasons why people do this,  lack of cooking abilities, maybe they werh never taught how to cook or learnt a variety of recipes, lack of imagination, laziness or maybe with the vast options of take away meals these days people prefer the quick and easy option. I thought about my meal options and I was pretty impressed with myself, I think I could go for months with not cooking the same thing twice. How about you? Do you cook a variety of meals or do you rotate the same meals every week? Do you teach your children how to cook? Have you passed recipes down to your children? Do you have recipes that have been in your family a long time? I would love to hear your point of view :)

Take Care


Michelle said...

My cooking is much more limited than it used to be, both by my husband's post-heart-attack diet and by my son's dislikes. (I don't cater to him, but I also get tired of complaints.) During gardening season, my menu is heavily influenced by what our garden produces; in the winter, I buy what is seasonal and therefore reasonable. I do tend to fall back on a few favorite recipes, or pasta dishes I make up using ingredients on hand.

white_lilly said...

H Michelle, I've read about your garden, it sounds fantastic and a great investment for your family and cooking using ingredients on hand is the best way to cook, I think anyway :)

Grammy said...

Hello, I am so sorry I have not left a word in a while. I send you love and a heartfelt hug. I am glad to see you are making progress. And you amaze me with the amount you can do. Blessings to u. Grammy E :)

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

It's been so long, I am sorry to hear of Scooby's loss.

We don't really have a set weekly menu, mainly we eat basic meat and 3 veg. My husband is a fussy eater, no they don't always grow out of it. Though lately I've been trying new recipes, that are going to become staples. I just don't tell him what is in them. I have started a recipe journal, only tried and true recipes will go into it. Saves on searching through every recipe book for my favourites.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"