03 March, 2010

So Much Going On

I have so much going on that my head spins. I have a spare few minutes just to document what is going on. My youngest daughter is now finally settled in her own little place which she has been so excited and waited for a long time. You don't realise or she didn't realise how much of the basic things you need to set up your own little home things like a potato peeler, dust pan and broom and even a toilet brush, but she has been lay-bying things as she thinks of them and it won't belong and she will set up.

The other exciting thing going on is my son is starting up a furniture business like ours and my youngest daughter will be managing it, in fact the 'Grand Opening' will be happening this Saturday. I'm hoping to have photos of the big day and of the shop on here next week. There is so much to organize and think of and being three hours drive away from them it makes it a bit hard but I have been managing the drive up and down every week. We, Dave, Tony and I had a busy weekend organizing daughters move and arranging furniture and when we were traveling back, Dave in the truck and me in my ute late on Sunday night I came across a man on one of the bush tracks he had swerved to miss a kangaroo, lost control of his car and flipped it onto its roof When I seen him he was dazed and had blood coming out of his mouth. I quickly assessed him and noted he had a broken arm and pain in his shoulder, I asked him if he was ok and tried to get him to sit down. Because we live so far from town and were on a bush track my phone did not have any reception but the man said he had a next G telestra phone that would have coverage any way I had to climb into this mans upside down car and try and find his phone. After putting my hand in his butter and squashing his sausages I finally found his phone and rang for the police, ambulance and fire brigade. To cut a long story short every one came and the man was taken to hospital and after over an hour waiting around we finally started the last leg home not before running into a neighbour who was out looking for us because it was now nearly 11pm and my daughter had rang him so worried.

My eldest daughter had her fortnightly check up on Friday and her blood pressure for the second time had been high and because of the worry of her epilepsy the doctor has told her that he wants to bring her delivery date forward two weeks and if her blood pressure is up again next Monday when he sees her again he will put her in straight away to have the baby. So the pressure is on to get the final baby things in place, her dad has to make her a chest of drawers and stain the rocking chair and we have to get a few things off lay-bye for her.

So that is what is making my head spin at the moment, so I'm off for now but I will be back again next week with photos.

The church is moving along nicely but we have been spending so much time on the church that our own orders for our business have b een falling behind and I have been feeling the pressure.


Out Back said...

Gee I reckon you have a lot happening in your life at the moment. Thanks for keeping us posted and I hope your daughter's blood pressure settles down and that baby arrives safe and sound.

Lucky for that bloke that you came along otherwise he might have been in a bit of strife I think. Never swerve a roo is all I can say, easier said than done.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes you have! Whew!

How exciting for your youngest daughter to have her own place. And your son to start up his own furniture business, too. Is his style like your husband's?

Poor guy with the tossed car because of the roo, though. But good for you helping him out. I had to giggle at your comment: "putting my hand in his butter and squashing his sausages", though. The images in my head of you just cracked me up! lol!

Prayers and positive thoughts for your eldest daughter and her baby.


Tracy said...

Hi Sue,
Take care of yourself. i hope things have calmed down for you now.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"